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24100N8520F1 K7V63DTP-0E13 Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Kobelco SK130-8 SK140-8 SK115DZ SK120LC

24100N8520F1 K7V63DTP-0E13 Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Kobelco SK130-8 SK140-8 SK115DZ SK120LC

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    K7V63DTP-0E13 Excavator Hydraulic Pump


    SK130-8 Excavator Hydraulic Pump


    SK120LC Excavator Hydraulic Pump

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    Main Hydraulic Pump
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    In Stock
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    Guangdong, China
  • Place of Origin
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    Kobelco SK130-8 SK140-8 SK115DZ SK120LC
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    1 piece
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    Negotiable price
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    Wooden packing
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    T/T, Paypal and Alibaba Trade Assurance
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24100N8520F1 K7V63DTP-0E13 Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Kobelco SK130-8 SK140-8 SK115DZ SK120LC

Belparts Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Kobelco SK130-8 SK140-8 SK115DZ SK120LC 24100N8520F1 K7V63DTP-0E13

Quick Detail of Excavator Hydraulic Pump


Product Name: Excavator Main Hydraulic Pump

Applicable Industries:Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant


Part number:2437U516F1

Package Details:Export Wooden Box


Surface treatment:Heat resistance paint

Pressure:Standard, High Pressure


Specifiions Of Excavator Hydraulic Pump

Product Name Excavator Hydraulic Pump
Oem No 24100N8520F1
Engine No Kobelco SK130-8 SK140-8 SK115DZ SK120LC
Packing Number 1
N.W/KG 120KG
G.W/KG 135KG
Packing Size 84*38*49
Related Oem 24100N8520F1 YY10V00009F1
Pressure Standard, High Pressure


Features of Excavator Hydraulic Pump

1) It has high transmission efficiency, giving full play to the power and fuel economy of the engine.

2) The hydraulic system and hydraulic components have sufficient reliability under the action of large load changes and sharp vibration and impact.

3) Coordinate the light and vibration-resistant cooler to reduce the total heat generation of the system, so that the hydraulic oil temperature does not exceed 80 degrees, or the temperature rise does not exceed 45 degrees when the main engine continues to work.

4) The sealing performance of the hydraulic system is very good, and the oil filter and dustproof device are set up.

5) Hydraulic or electro hydraulic servo control device is adopted, so that the excavator can set up an automatic control system, thereby improving the technical performance of the excavator and reducing the labor intensity of the driver.




  • Made of aluminum alloy, high strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, suitable for operation in various environments.
  • The two-speed feature reduces the number of times of pressing, and the low-pressure chamber is quickly in a load-utilizing state, and immediately converts to high-pressure, shortening each operation cycle.
  • Equipped with a pressure regulating valve, which can adjust the control and set the working pressure.



Advantages Of Excavator Hydraulic Pump

1, The internal parts adopt Japanese Kawasaki molten copper technology

2, High durability, it can be used for hydraulic breaker

3, Every pump is tested before leaving the factory, Reject low-cost spot-check.


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Our Services

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1) Material: All our products are used high quality genuiner raw material.

2) Inspection: We make a very strict inspection process before delivery.

3) Inventory: We have about 1000 pieces in stock, can provide you at once.

4) Price: We have steady in stock and we can offer competitive price.

5) Delivery time: We will deliver the goods within 1-3 days after received the payment.

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7) All the spare parts are 100% measured, 100% interchangeable.


Parts scheme

24100N8520F1 K7V63DTP-0E13 Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Kobelco SK130-8 SK140-8 SK115DZ SK120LC 024100N8520F1 K7V63DTP-0E13 Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Kobelco SK130-8 SK140-8 SK115DZ SK120LC 1


List of spare parts

Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
. . 24100N8520F1 [1] POWER TAKE-OFF ASSY  
2. 2437U507F1 [1] PUMP KOB GEAR
2. 2437U507F1R [1] REMAN-HYD PUMP RAC SK130 BTW LPU1001 - LPU2000, SK130LC BTW YPU1001 - YPU2000, ASSY, Both EXCAVATOR, GEAR
2. 2437U507F1C [1] CORE-HYDRAULIC PUMP RAC Return Number
3. 2416N7133 [1] BRACKET KOB
4. 2418U224F2 [1] COUPLING KOB ASSY
4-2. 2418U224S2 [1] HUB KOB COUPLING
4-3. 2418U162S2 [4] BOLT KOB M16x2.0x16mm Long
4-4. 2418U128S5 [4] SCREW KOB M16x2.0x50mm Long Superseded by part number: LQ30P01003S005
4-5. 2418U162S3 [2] SCREW KOB Set -- M16x2.0x28mm Long
4-6. ZP26D05010 [8] PIN KOB Roll -- OD 05 x 10mm Long
4-7. 2418U224S7 [1] RUBBER INSULATOR KOB Superseded by part number: YB30P01001S001
5. ZS23C16045 [4] CAP,Hex Socket Head, M16 x 45mm KOB Screw -- M16x2.0x45mm
6. ZS13C10035 [8] SCREW KOB M10x1.50x35mm Superseded by part number: ZS18C10035
7. ZS13C10040 [4] SCREW KOB M10x1.50x40mm Superseded by part number: ZS18C10040
8. ZW11K10000 [2] WASHER KOB ID 10 x OD 18 x Th 2.0mm
9. ZD12G05500 [1] O-RING,3.1mm Thk x 54.4mm ID, 90 Duro KOB O -- ID 54.40 ± 0.49 x OD 60mm
10. 2437U509F1 [1] PUMP KOB ASSY
12. ZS13C10025 [2] CAPSCREW KOB SCREW M10x1.50x25mm Superseded by part number: ZS18C10025
13. 2418P30995 [1] SPACER KOB ID 120 x OD 350 x Th 24.1mm
14. 2420T8634 [8] SCREW KOB



(1). Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

We are the professional manufacturer of the Excavator Hydraulic Pump,

(2). What’s the accessory for each Outdoor Digital Signage?

Accessory such as : blower or pump, repair kits (including the PVC materials, glue, Etc.) are included;

(3). Your blowers and pumps meet CE/UL requirements?

(4). Yes, Our blowers/pumps have the certifies of CE/UL.

(5). Can we change the size and color for the inflatables we desire ?

Yes, the size and color can be customized according to your request.