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Belparts Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Komatsu PC160LC-6 21P-60-K1502

Belparts Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Komatsu PC160LC-6 21P-60-K1502

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    Belparts Excavator Hydraulic Pump


    21P-60-K1502 Excavator Hydraulic Pump


    PC160LC-6 Excavator Hydraulic Pump

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    Hydraulic Pump
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    Guangdong, China
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Belparts Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Komatsu PC160LC-6 21P-60-K1502

Belparts Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Komatsu PC160LC-6 21P-60-K1502

Parts scheme

Belparts Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Komatsu PC160LC-6 21P-60-K1502 0

Belparts Excavator Hydraulic Pump For Komatsu PC160LC-6 21P-60-K1502 1

List of spare parts


Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Remark
  21P-60-K1503 [1] PUMP ASS'Y,MAIN Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"] |1.
  21P-60-K1502 [1] PUMP ASS'Y,MAIN Komatsu 109.29 kg.
  ["SN: (K30001-.)"] analogs:["21P60K1801", "R21P60K1502"] |1.
  21P-60-K3010 [1] PUMP ASS'Y Komatsu 25.39 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"] |1.
1. 21P-60-K3040 [1] SHAFT ASS'Y Komatsu 0.000 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
2. 21P-60-K3050 [1] PLATE ASS'Y Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
3. 21P-60-K3060 [1] REGULATOR ASS'Y Komatsu 2.85 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
  21P-60-K3070 [1] ROD ASS'Y Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"] |4.
4. 21P-60-K4190 [1] PISTON Komatsu 0.000 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
5. 21P-60-K4210 [1] ROD Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
6. 21P-60-K4240 [1] SPRING Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
7. 21P-60-K4250 [1] BUSHING Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
  21P-60-K3080 [1] ROD ASS'Y Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"] |8.
8. 21P-60-K4260 [1] PISTON Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
9. 21P-60-K4270 [1] ROD Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
10. 21P-60-K4280 [1] SPRING Komatsu 0.000 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
  21P-60-K3090 [1] PLATE ASS'Y Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"] |11.
11. 21P-60-K4290 [1] FLANGE Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
12. 21P-60-K4310 [1] HUB Komatsu 0.000 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
13. 21P-60-K4320 [4] BOLT Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
14. 21P-60-K4330 [1] O-RING (KIT A) Komatsu 0.001 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
15. 21P-60-K4340 [1] O-RING (KIT A) Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"] analogs:["42R17H0P74"]
16. 21P-60-K3110 [1] HOUSING Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
17. 21P-60-K3120 [4] PIN Komatsu 0.000 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
18. 21P-60-K3130 [1] IMPELLER Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
19. 21P-60-K3140 [2] PIN Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
20. 21P-60-K3150 [2] NUT (KIT A) Komatsu 0.000 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
21. 21P-60-K3160 [4] PLUG (KIT A) Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"] analogs:["42R17H0P14", "3251164M", "4903377M"]
22. 21P-60-K3170 [4] BOLT Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
23. 21P-60-K3180 [1] O-RING (KIT A) Komatsu 0.011 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
24. 21P-60-K3190 [3] PLUG (KIT A) Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
25. 21P-60-K3210 [2] PIN Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"] analogs:["42R17H0P13"]
26. 21P-60-K3220 [2] RING,RETAINER Komatsu 0.001 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]
27. 21P-60-K3230 [1] SCREW Komatsu China  
  ["SN: K30001-UP"] analogs:["42R17H0P10", "42U17H0P96", "4903390M", "4912670M", "20E60K2250", "20G60K2720", "21P60K3590"]
  20G-60-K2720 [1] PLUG Komatsu China  
  ["SN: (K30001-.)"] analogs:["42R17H0P10", "42U17H0P96", "4903390M", "4912670M", "20E60K2250", "21P60K3230", "21P60K3590"] |27.
KIT A. 21P-60-K4510 [1] SERVICE KIT,MAIN PUMP Komatsu 0.65 kg.
  ["SN: K30001-UP"]


Product description


Application Komatsu Excavator
Quality High Guarantee
Model PC160LC-6
Package Standard Packing at Normal
Warranty 1 Year
Payment term T/T,, PayPal, Alibaba Trade Assurance
Delivery 2 days after the payment received
Shipment by sea, by air, by express or as requi



1 . How do I contact you?
You can add me on WhatsApp: +86 189 9845 5434,Or send me an email: rayhan@belparts-china.com


2 . How long can I enjoy the warranty period?
The warranty is 6/12 Months based on the item details.The genuine parts we don't have the warranty of it,but just can make sure it is 100% genuine.


3 . How do I pay?

You can complete the payment through PaPal, T/T and other methods.


4 . When will get the items after I place order?

Once we receive your payment, we will arrange delivery within 24 hours; if there is no stock, we will tell you before payment.


5 . How can I do if there is something wrong with the items?
First of all , I have confidence in the quality of our products ,if you really found something wrong ,please provide pictures for us and we will check. After it is confirmed, please return to us , we will offer the correct item.


6 . What is your main products ?
Our pain product is final drive , hydraulic pump , swing gearbox , travel gearbox , swing motor , hydraulic parts. If you need any parts for crawler excavator , you can ask us too . We will try our best to meet your requirement.