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A4VG125 Excavator Hydraulic Pump Pressure Pump Excavator Hydraulic Main Pump

A4VG125 Excavator Hydraulic Pump Pressure Pump Excavator Hydraulic Main Pump

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    main hydraulic pump


    kawasaki hydraulic pump

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    Hydraulic Pump
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    T/T, Western Union, PayPal
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    500 pieces per month

A4VG125 Excavator Hydraulic Pump Pressure Pump Excavator Hydraulic Main Pump

A4VG125 Excavator Spare Part Pressure Pump Excavator Hydraulic Main Pump


A4VG125 hydraulic pump belongs to piston pump , Rexroth brand , China brand & Handok brand are in stock , It is one of the spare parts in Excavator and plays an important role in it , the feature of the pump is high pressure and the usage of the pump is oil . the theory that the pump applies for is Axial Flow Pump . A4VG125 hydraulic pump exhausts diesel fuel . It is a high - quality commodity .


The paramter of the Hydraulic pump you can send us :

1 . Nameplate of your pump
2 . The picture of your pump
3 . The machine model .

If you only need the hydraulic pump parts :

1. Need to send us the nameplate of the pump
2. Need to send us the size of the piston shoe


We have the following brands of pumps :

We have China brand / Handok brand / Kawasaki / KYB / Uchida Genuine Hydraulic Pump , anyway will try our best to find the brand you need .
Our products are developed according to the genuine product information , It's perfectly replaceable . That means you can use less money to buy an exact substitute .

Product Description

1. Part name :                     Piston Pump

2. Appliion :                    Hydraulic Excavator

3. Usage :                           Oil

4. Pressure :                       High Pressure

5. Theory :                          Axial Flow Pump

6. Fuel :                               Diesel

7. Payment term :               T/T, Western union, PayPal etc

8. Shipment :                      by sea, by air, by express or as required

9. Delivery :                        1 days after the payment received(If have stock)



Also we supply other kinds of hydraulic pumps , motors , parts :

Brand Name Model Number
Komatsu PC50/60/100/120/150/200/220/300/400(-1/2/3/4/5/6/7)/650;PC45R -8 swing motor
Rexroth A10V ( S ) O10/16/18/28/45/63/71/85/100/140 ( H & E first products )
Rexroth A2F10/12/23/28/45/55/63/80/107/125/160/200/225/250/355/500/915/1000; ( A2VK …)
Rexroth A2FO10/12/16/23/28/32/45/56/63/80/90/107/125/160/180/250/355/500
Rexroth A2FE28/32/45/56/63/80/90/107/125/160/180/250/355
Rexroth A4V ( SO )40/45/50/56/71/90/125/180/250/355/500
Rexroth A4VG25/28/40/45/50/56/71/90/125/140/180/250
Rexroth A6V ( M )28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250/355/500
Rexroth 7V ( O )28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250/355/500/1000
Rexroth 8V ( O )28/55/80/107/140/160/200/250/355/500
Rexroth A10VGO28/45/63
Rexroth A11V ( L ) O50/60/75/95/130/145/160/190/250/260
Rexroth A11VG50
Uchida A8V86; A10VD17/43/71; AP2D14/21/25/36; PSVD2-19E /21E /27E
Sauer SPV20/21/22/23/24/25/26, SPV6/119; MPV046; PV90R30/42/55/75/100/250
Eaton 3331; 3932; 4621/31; 5421/23/31;6421/23/31;7620/21
Eaton PVXS -066/090/180
Vickers PVB5/6/10/15/20/29
Vickers PVE19/21; TA1919; MFE15/19
Vickers PVH57/74/98/131; PVM028
Vickers SPV15/18
12G /14G /16G /215/225/235/245/992/963; 320( AP -12); 320C ;330B
SPK10/10( E200B ); E200B NEW TYPE ; SPV10/10; 120
Liebherr LPVD35/45/64/75/90/100/125/140/165
Yuken A37/40/45/56/70/90/120/140/145
Linde BPR105/140/186/260; BPV35/50/70/100/200;B2PV35/50/75/105; H3.0/ H4.5 travel
Linde HPR75/90/100/130/160; BMV50/55/75/105; BMF35/75/105/140/186/260; MPF55, MPR63
Hitachi HPV091/102/105/116/130/135/145
Kawasaki K3V45/63/112/140/180/280; K5V80/140/200
Kawasaki K3SP36; K3SP30; KVC925/930/932; DNB08; NVK45DT ; SBS120/140
Kawasaki NV64/84/90/111/137/172/270; NX15; BE725
Kawasaki MX150/173/500; M2X63/96/120/128/146/150/170/210; M5X130/180
Kobelco SK30/60/100-7/200-1/3/6/7/220-2/3/320; HD450V ; LUCAS400/500
Kayaba MAG150/170; MSF85 / PSVS -90C ; PSVL -54; KYB87, KMF90; MSF23
Hawe V30D75/95/140/250; V60
Tadano 100
Parker PAVC100; PV040/092/140; P200Q ; PVP16/76
Denison PV29/74; PVT38
Toshiba SG025/04/08/20
Sumitomo PSV2-55T/63
Nachi PVD -2B -32/34/36/100; PVD-3B -54P ; PVK -2B -505
Daikin V15; V38/-50/80; V70
Volvo F11 , F12
Kyokuto MKV23/33
Kato 311
Others MF16 ( type / motor ); MF500; PVG130; 3V - SH -2B

A4VG125 Excavator Hydraulic Pump Pressure Pump Excavator Hydraulic Main Pump 0


Advantages of our hydraulic pump :

Best price with good quality For our main product , we have the best price, because we are the agent of the factory supplier , so our cost price will lower than other company , same quality product , our price will be better .
Professional & Experienced Salesperson Our founder has been into this field for more than 7 years , with rich experiences.We will conduct professional knowledge training and assessment for sales staff every month .
Rigorous Serious Professional Attitude About the parts , we will make sure it 100% before the shipment , if can not make sure it , maybe will ask you for more information about your parts , Never take any chances to deliver everything without make sure it 100% .
Detailed information of the product We are professional on our main products , We have detailed pictures and detailed parameters for your main products ,
Convenient &Fast & Affordable Delivery We have lof of customers from more than 96 countries , and we have lof of professional shipping agents , will choose the best way with good price shipment way to send the parts to you , we have DHL , FEDEX ,UPS , Air ,Sea etc , will try our best to meet your requirement .



1. How about the quality of product from us ?

Our company since 2011, and we think quality is the life of our company . All employees are to make the best quality products with the effort .


2. What about the delivery and the service from us ?

We offer all customers quick response about all inquiries every time . If we have stock about parts you demand,we will deliver it in 1~3 days after payments . If no stock causualy , we will prepare it less than 15 days , which is very seldom taken palce .


3. What kind of information I need to send you ?

Different parts have different information , for hydraulic pump , it needs the nameplate and pictures . For the final drive , it needs the number of the frame hole and sprocket hole , and the inner diamter of the sprocket .If we need these information , we will ask you to check .


4. Can I get the picture of the part I need before payment ?

For almost parts , we can give you the picture of it , but some parts we don't have picture , but anyway will show you before the shipment .


5. How can I do if there is something wrong with the items ?

First of all , I have confidence in the quality of our products , if you really found something wrong ,please provide pictures for us and we will check. After it is confirmed, please return to us , we will offer the correct item .


We have a professional sales team who can confirm your demand quickly . Our team will save you a lot of valuable time .

Contact us harry !