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Doosan DH130 DH150 Excavator Hydraulic Pump K3V63DT-HNOV Kawasaki Pump

Doosan DH130 DH150 Excavator Hydraulic Pump K3V63DT-HNOV Kawasaki Pump

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    kawasaki hydraulic pump


    hitachi hydraulic pump

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    1 Unit
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    T/T, Western Union, Paypal
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    500 Unit Per Month
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    2-5 days
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    T/T, Western Union,Paypal
  • Supply Ability
    500 Pieces per month

Doosan DH130 DH150 Excavator Hydraulic Pump K3V63DT-HNOV Kawasaki Pump

Doosan DH130 DH150 Excavator Hydraulic Pump K3V63DT-HNOV Kawasaki Pump


K3v63dt-hnov hydraulic pump it is suitable for dh130 dh150 cost-effective high goods, the price is good and cheap, you need to order more, we can also give you the most favorable price


Pictures of the iron plate of the hydraulic pump and the model of the old pump


1. If it's a popular product, we can check it quickly, and if you can send more parameters about the hydraulic pump you've used before, then we'll send you the right parts.


2. We have a large database of pumps, detailed pictures of which models it is suitable for, so we can quote you accurately



We have a lot of brand names for hydraulic pumps


1. We have an international brand, KYB ,NACHI REXROTH KPM 


2. Our products are developed on the basis of the actual situation and can be completely replaced, indiing that we can buy a high-quality product at a more favorable price.


Detailed Product Description


1. Product Name:       Hydraulic pump


2. Appliion:             Excavator


3. Weight :                  89Kg


4. Type:                      Without gear pump


5. Standard:               100% new


6. Color:                      Red


Our advantages


1. Excavator spare parts in full -scale are available


2. Original parts&best price ,small quantity accepted 


3. Rich export experience ,best and quantity accepted 


4. Original packing ,neutral packing or customized packing 


5. Positive customer feedback from abroad market 


6. Excellent after-sales service 



Doosan DH130 DH150 Excavator Hydraulic Pump K3V63DT-HNOV Kawasaki Pump 0



Pump type Typical appliion model
K3V112DT SK200 / 210/230/250 / 330-6
K3V112DTP SK200 / 210/230/250 / 330-6E,SK200 / 210LC / 250 / 260LC-8,SK330NLC-6E
K5V140DTP SK350LC-8
K3V63DT DH120W,DH130,DH130LC,DH130W,DH130-2,DH130LC-V,DH150LC-7
K3V112DT DH200LC,DH220LC,DH215 / 220/225 / 258-7
K3V112DTP DH215 / 225-9,DH210 / 215/220 / 225-9E
K3V140DT DH280LC
K5V140DT DX300LC,DH300LC-7
K3V63DT R130,R130LC,R120W
K3V112DT R200,R200LC,R210LC-7,R210-3
K3V140DT R280LC,R290LC,R290LC-3
K3V63DT MX132W,SE130W,MX135W,SE130LC-2/3

MX202W,MX222,MX222LC,MX255LC,SE210 / -2,SE200LC,EC210B,


K3V140DT SE280LC,MX292LC,EC290B
K3V180DT EC360B
K3V63DT S130LC-2,S130LC-3,S120W,S130W,S130-V
K3V112DT S220LC,S220LC-3,S220LC-V,SH200,SH200LC,SH220LC
K3V112DTP SH210LC-5,SH240
K3V140DT S28OLC-3,S280-V
K3V112DT HD700,HD700-7,HD700V-2/3,
K3V140DT HD1120,HD1220
K3V112DTP CX210B,CX240B
K3V112DTP SY200 C8,SY215 C8
K5V140DTP SY235 C8
K3V63DT XE135B,XE150W,XE150D
K3V112DT XE215C,XE215CLL,XE215HB
K3V140DT XE260CLL,XE265C
K3V112DT SWE210,SWE230LC,SWE230E
K3V180DT SWE360E
K3V140DT CLG933D





Q: How will you guarantee the quality ?

A: We will test and send tesing video to buyer confirm before shipping


Q: When will you ship order ?

A: Once we get confirmation of payment ,we will try our best to ship your order within 24 hours 


Q: How long will it take to delivery to my address? 

A: The normal delivery tiome 2-5days ,it's just depending on whitch countries or cities you are in 


Q: How can i trace my order?

A: Once your order in shipped ,we will e-mail you the shipping infomation ,as well as tracking number


Q: What kind of payment terms can I choose ?

A: You can choose T/T , Western Union,Paypal etc