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PC300-7 PC350-7 PC300LC-7 HPV140 Hydraulic Main Pump 708-2G-00024 Excavator

PC300-7 PC350-7 PC300LC-7 HPV140 Hydraulic Main Pump 708-2G-00024 Excavator

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    main hydraulic pump


    hitachi hydraulic pump

  • Name
    Hydraulic Main Pump
  • Model
    PC300-7 PC350-7 PC300LC-7 PC350-7
  • Pump Model
  • Packing
    Wooden Packing
  • Part Number
  • Power
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
    PC300-7 PC350-7 PC300LC-7 PC350-7
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    Negotiated price
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    1-2 days
  • Payment Terms
    T/T, Western Union, PayPal
  • Supply Ability
    1000 pieces per month

PC300-7 PC350-7 PC300LC-7 HPV140 Hydraulic Main Pump 708-2G-00024 Excavator

                                      PC300-7 PC350-7 PC300LC-7 HPV140 Hydraulic Main Pump 708-2G-00024 Excavator
   HPV140 hydraulic pump , we can supply pump assy , It can fit in PC300-7 PC350-7 PC300LC-7 PC350LC-7 , if you don't need the pump assy , we also have the hydraulic pump parts . For the hydraulic parts , you just need to send us the size of the piston shoe , so we can check the parts according to the piston shoe size . For the hydraulic parts , we are the professional supplier !
 Product Description


Appliion Excavator
Part name Hydraulic pump
Part Model HPV140
Model PC300-7 PC350-7 PC300LC-7
Part number 708-2L-01500
Payment term T/T, Western Union, PayPal Etc
Delivery 1 days after the payment received(If have stock)
Shipment by sea, by air, by express or as required


The paramter of the Hydraulic pump :
1. What parameter you need to send us :
The nameplate of the hydraulic main pump and the photo of your old hydraulic pump and machine model. If it is the hot sell type , we can check it easy . But it will be better if you can send more informations about your used pump , so we can make sure it 100 % ,so we can send the right parts to you . 
We have lof of information about the pump , detailed pic and it will fit in which model , We have a strong database
, so if we can make sure it , just don't worry , We will be responsible for our quotation .


2 . We have the following brands of pumps


We have China brand / Handok brand / Kawasaki / Kyb / Uchida / Genuine Hydraulic Pump , anyway will try our best to find the brand you need .

Our advantages : 

Best price with good quality product  For our main product , we have the best price, because we are the agent of the factory supplier , so our cost price will lower than other company , same quality product , our price will be better .
Professional & Experienced Salesperson  Our founder has been into this field for more than 7 years , with rich experiences.We will conduct professional knowledge training and assessment for sales staff every month .
Rigorous Serious Professional Attitude  About the parts , we will make sure it 100% before the shipment , if can not make sure it , maybe will ask you for more information about your parts , Never take any chances to deliver everything without make sure it 100% .
Detailed information of the product  We are professional on our main products , We have detailed pictures and detailed parameters for your main products ,
Convenient &Fast & Affordable Delivery  We have lof of customers from more than 96 countries , and we have lof of professional shipping agents , will choose the best way with good price shipment way to send the parts to you , we have DHL , FEDEX ,UPS , Air ,Sea etc , will try our best to meet your requirement .


The drawing of the HPV140

PC300-7 PC350-7 PC300LC-7 HPV140 Hydraulic Main Pump 708-2G-00024 Excavator 0

PC300-7 PC350-7 PC300LC-7 HPV140 Hydraulic Main Pump 708-2G-00024 Excavator 1

Parts lists


# Part No Part Name Qty.
1 (708-2G-00024) PUMP ASS'Y 1
1 (708-2G-00023) PUMP ASS'Y 1
1 (708-2G-00022) PUMP ASS'Y 1
1 (708-2G-01022) PUMP SUB ASS'Y 1
1 (708-2G-01021) PUMP SUB ASS'Y 1
1 (*708-2G-12111) Shaft 1
2 (*708-2G-12251) Bearing 1
3 (*708-2G-05010) WASHER KIT 1
3   WASHER? 3.0MM 1
3   WASHER? 3.1MM 1
3   WASHER? 3.2MM 1
4 (*708-1F-12270) RING,SNAP 1
5 708-2G-12220 SEAL,OIL 1
6 708-8H-32160 Spacer 1
7 04065-07825 RING,SNAP 1
8 (*708-2G-04141) CYLINDER BLOCK ASS'Y 1
10 (*708-18-13230) Pin 1
11 (*04065-05520) Ring 1
12 (*708-2G-13131) SEAT 1
13 (*708-2G-13152) Spring 1
14 (*708-2G-13141) SEAT 1
15 (*708-2G-13510) GUIDE,RETAINER 1
16 (*708-2H-23360) Pin 3
17 (*708-2G-13341) RETAINER,SHOE 1
18 (*708-2G-13311) PISTON SUB ASS'Y 9
19 (*708-2G-04161) CRADLE SUB ASS'Y 1
19   CRADLE 1
21 (*04020-01434) PIN,DOWEL 1
22 (*07000-B1009) O-ring 1
23 (*01252-61230) Screw 6



1 . If I only know the excavator model , but can not offer parts No., what should I do ?
If possible , you can send us pictures of old products , nameplate or the size for checking .
2 . Do you have stock?
For our main products , our have stock for almost of them , the factory supplier warehouse is near us , if the parts we don't have stock , we will tell you before you order it .
3 . What kind of payment terms can I choose ?
You can choose T/T , Western Union,Paypal etc .
4 . When will the delivery be arranged after the payment
After we received the payment , we will arrange the shipment within 24 hours ;
5 . How can I do if there is something wrong with the items ?
First of all , I have confidence in the quality of our products , if you really found something wrong ,please provide pictures for us and we will check. After it is confirmed, please return to us , we will offer the correct item .
6 . What is your main products ?
Our main products are final drive , hydraulic pump , swing gearbox , travel gearbox , swing motor , hydraulic parts . If you need any parts for crawler excavator , you can send it to us . We will try our best to find the parts what you need .